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US-launched Russian RD-180 turned out to be unknown to Roscosmos
Russia will increase purchases of Su-57
New details of Windows 10X revealed
Rogozin promised a launch to moon in 2021
New giant structure discovered in universe
PlayStation 5 disappeared from Russian stores
Mechanism of development of incurable forms of cancer has been determined
Most expensive Xiaomi Mi 11 presented
Explained vulnerability to severe coronavirus infection
Huawei caught in copying Android
Mysterious Dangerous Syndrome Explained in Coronavirus
Non-obvious sign of lung cancer
Remains of a woolly rhinoceros from Ice Age were discovered in Siberia
A new drug has been created against coronavirus infection
Act of tourist who hid ashes of Star Trek star on ISS condemned
Russia in 2020 set an anti-record for number of space launches
Dmitry Rogozin wishes you Happy New Year
In Russia began to create laser systems to combat drones
In us, they talked about destructiveness of sixth generation fighter
Rogozin praised Musk’s success in space
Rogozin expressed hope for release of Safronov
Scientists explain death of patients with COVID-19 from thrombosis
Main disadvantages of smartphones are listed
Soyuz ST-A launch vehicle was regularly launched from GKTs
Possible Neighboring Universe Discovered
New iPhone SE declassified
PlayStation 5 Sales Revealed
Rogozin explained backlog of “Roscosmos”
Ten years of operation of National Information Satellite System technological platform
Multispectral scanning devices for hydrometeorological satellites
Awarded laureates of “Engineer of Year 2020” competition at KBKhA
Xiaomi, following Apple, abandoned smartphone charger
Russia has allocated money for “Russian Hubble”
Alarming symptom of lung cancer revealed
In Russia armed with missiles firing “almost to Bosphorus”
Russian cosmonaut opened New Year’s table menu on ISS
Ukraine has sold US “installed” on Russian ships radar
Early symptoms of coronavirus
Most popular smartphones of 2020 in Russia are
Roscosmos will buy French batteries
Xiaomi introduced flagship Mi 11
100th anniversary of birth of Yu.A. Mozzhorina
Russian “Angara” arranged by Ministry of Defense
Existence of a large-scale anomaly in Universe is proposed
Roscosmos took part in literary drawing room
Mechanism of irreversible aging is revealed
Date of appearance of PlayStation 5 on free sale
Framework agreement between ISS Reshetnev and SAFT