Science News | Page 9

Coronavirus-fighting drink identified
Second company in world after SpaceX successfully retained rocket after launch
Keldysh Center at conference “MIST: Aerospace – III – 2020”
World’s largest telescope to be closed due to breakdown
Human aging reversed for the first time
Revelation about approach of a huge asteroid to Earth
5G speed record set
An early symptom of a particularly dangerous cancer named
How much protection do face masks offer against Covid-19?
A revolutionary anti-cancer drug discovered
IPhone 12 Display Voted World’s Best
Unexpected consequence of flu shot discovered
Deadly danger of sunlight revealed
Neurologist explains effect of mat on brain
Found a way to reduce likelihood of contracting coronavirus by 70 percent
Dandruff turned out to be a symptom of an incurable disease
Windows PC acceleration rules revealed
Pfizer claims 95% effective vaccine
An abnormal case of coronavirus in children was recorded
Harm of metal cases for smartphones is called
Rescue method from climate catastrophe recognized as useless
Determined best sleep duration for longevity
Doctors find unusual signs of lung cancer
Found a way to solve mystery of universe that caused crisis
Next Windows update damaged computers
Foldable iPhone release date revealed
Source of life on Earth was found in space
Samsung’s upcoming smartphones revealed
Unexpected danger of antibiotics in coronavirus
Proton-PM automated tests of engine turbine impeller
PlayStation 5’s new problems announced
Anomalous phenomenon was explained by mysterious particles of dark matter
An expert reveals a method for detecting a hacked Android smartphone
Death of game consoles is predicted
Dangerous consequences of COVID-19 for young people named
Unexpected traces of coronavirus found six months before pandemic
Declassified documents about lunar race of USSR and USA
Mystery of appearance of solar system is revealed
RKS Development will increase reliability and life of Russian satellites
55th anniversary of launch of Venera-3 interplanetary station
Updates function broke in Windows
Conference on remote sensing of Earth to be held this month
Canadian created a helmet to protect against coronavirus
Doctor warns of risk of death due to antibiotics in coronavirus
Carrier found for first foreign coronavirus vaccine
Meeting with cosmonaut Valery Tokarev at Zvezdny camp
Name of first foreign vaccine against coronavirus became known
Scientist named key feature of Russian vaccine against COVID-19