Updates function broke in Windows

Microsoft has recognized a Windows error in which OS users cannot update the system. This is reported by Digit with reference to the company’s materials.

On the page Customer Support says that the company’s engineers have noticed issues that prevent the installation of the latest Windows updates. If a problem occurs while installing an update, some users may receive the message “Your computer has hardware that is not working.” According to experts, the system update function refuses to work when trying to install the 20H2 update.

Microsoft engineers clarified that the company is working to fix the operating system breakdown and promised that the problem will be resolved approximately at the end of November. Company representatives advised users to wait for the update to be downloaded via Windows Update.

Reporters stated that the critical error was caused by a lack of compatibility between the OS and PC components. Clarified that error messages appear when connecting an NVMe SSD via Thunderbolt.

Previously it was reported that the current Windows update caused a number of users to crash and the emergence of the “blue screen of death” (Blue Screen of Death, BSoD). Experts have noticed that most often the problem occurs as a result of connecting third-party NVMe SSDs through the Thunderbolt port.