“Sarmat” called Russia’s message to Biden

The Sarmat intercontinental missile is a message from Russia to the US President-elect Joe Biden … The Iranian edition Akharin Khabar writes about it.

The newspaper, citing the media, writes that the missile system is currently undergoing a technical improvement, which is closely followed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin .

According to experts, the main goal of the missile system is to overcome missile defense systems and deprive the enemy of the possibility of nuclear deterrence. “It is clear that” Sarmat “is a kind of” message “, a message about the current capabilities of Russia and its military technologies, primarily for the United States, its allies in Europe, as well as other countries,” the message says.

Journalists call the Sarmat a strategic weapon, but note that Russia is also developing other developments, including the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle, the Dagger missile and the Peresvet covert weapon.

According to the publication, the statements about the tests of “Sarmat” and the coming to power of the new administration in Washington is not a coincidence. “Russia most likely wants to show the United States that during Trump’s tenure as president, they showed some kind of negligence, while all these new technologies were created here (in Russia), and hopes that the new administration in Washington will be more amenable to negotiations. and the signing of new agreements on weapons, “the journalists concluded.