Psychologists assessed impact of cats on work of owners at a distance

British psychologists have assessed the impact of cats on the work of their owners at a distance. Their presence in the home has been found to have a positive effect on telecommuting employees, as pets help them relieve stress and cheer them up. The Mirror writes about it.

The authors of the study conducted a survey of 700 home-based cat owners. 63 percent of them said that the cat calmed them, 56 percent admitted that they began to feel less lonely. Also, more than half of the respondents (53 percent) noted that they were uplifted when they saw a cat doing something funny. According to them, it inspired them and gave them strength. In addition, some are used to talking to pets and discussing work issues with them.

One of the experts taking part in the study, Gina Akers, advised to equip a place for the cat next to a working owner so that she can always see him. In addition, it is necessary to create conditions for her so that she can find something to do for herself without distracting the owner from work.

Psychologist Joe Hemmings pointed out that the closeness of pets creates a sense of “normalcy and life” for their owners, which, in turn, calms pets and reduces their stress levels. The specialist noted that the animals themselves have probably become happier, since now they do not have to wait for their owners for a long time from work.

Formerly a former engineer Amazon and now a manager at Akvelon technology company Javier Sanchez created an application for translating feline meow into human words. Pet owners can record their cat’s meow, and the app will recognize and translate it into one of nine common feline intents that convey their mood and state of mind.