Anniversary of pilot-cosmonaut of Russian Federation Talgat Musabayev

State Corporation “Roscosmos”, Yu.A. Gagarin, colleagues in the space industry congratulate Talgat Amangeldievich Musabayev on his anniversary and wish him good health, prosperity, good mood, long and happy years of life!

Talgat Musabayev made his first space flight from July 1 to November 4, 1994 on the manned spacecraft Soyuz TM-19 and the Mir orbital complex as a flight engineer for the EO-16 crew together with Yu. Malenchenko and V. Polyakov. During this time, he made two spacewalks lasting 11 hours 07 minutes. The flight duration was 125 days 22 hours 53 minutes. For the courage and heroism shown during the space flight, T.A. Musabayev was awarded the high title of Hero of Russia.

For the second time, Talgat Musabayev flew into space on January 29, 1998 as the commander of the Soyuz TM-27 spacecraft and the Mir spacecraft under the EO-25 program (NASA-7 / Pegasus). During the flight, he performed five space walks. space with a total duration of 30 hours 08 minutes. On August 25, 1998, T.A.Musabaev returned to Earth safely. The flight duration was 207 days 12 hours 51 minutes.

Talgat Amangeldievich performed the third flight from April 28 to May 6, 2001 as the commander of the ISS visiting expedition aboard the Soyuz TM-32 (start) and Soyuz TM-31 (landing) spacecraft. The flight duration was 7 days 22 hours 4 minutes. The total duration of Talgat Musabayev’s stay in space is 341 days 9 hours 48 minutes 41 seconds.

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