About 60% of satellites are under control of Space Forces

In 2020, specialists from the Space Forces of the Aerospace Forces ensured 15 launches of spacecraft for various purposes carried out from cosmodromes Plesetsk , Baikonur , Eastern , during which 21 Russian satellites. Of these, 7 vehicles were taken over by the Main Testing Space Center (GIKTs) named after G.S. Titov.

The orbital constellation of spacecraft in Russia today includes more than 160 satellites for various purposes. During the past year, the duty forces of the G.S. Titov, all the planned control sessions of the spacecraft of the Russian orbital group, about 60% of which is under the control of the ground-based automated control complex of the Space Forces of the Aerospace Forces, were carried out with high accuracy. In 2020, the military units of the G.S. Titov received 5 modern satellite communication stations. Currently, work is underway to put new equipment into operation.

Currently, the development of command-measuring systems of a new generation is underway for re-equipping individual command-measuring complexes of the G.S. Titov GIKTs. The commissioning of the unified command and measurement means will make it possible to switch to new control technologies for the spacecraft of the Russian orbital group and to reduce several times the list of modifications of the technical control means of previous generations.

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