Possible “portals” to distant regions of Universe have been found in space

Scientists have found in space possible “portals” to distant regions of the Universe. They could be some supermassive black holes in the center of galaxies, reports the Monthly Notices of the Royal Society.

Russian scientists have found that black holes in very bright galaxies can be entrances to these “portals” or “wormholes”. In theory, a spaceship can pass through such portals. However, they are surrounded by intense radiation, which negates the crew’s chances of survival.

A wormhole and a black hole are similar in that they have extremely strong gravity. However, as scientists believe, the body cannot escape from the black hole, falling beyond the event horizon, while the “wormhole” must have an exit somewhere else in space.

Thus, experts say, a collision of two bodies inside a wormhole in images from space would look like an explosion. That is, the active galactic nucleus (AGN), which seemed to be so earlier, may in fact be the entrance to the “portal”.

Russian physicist Mikhail Piotrovich emphasizes that scientists still know little about the internal structure of the “wormhole”. Moreover, they are not even sure that such a phenomenon exists at all. In addition, the closest object like it is 13 million light-years away, so humans are unlikely to be able to reach it in the foreseeable future.