Lice remedy appears to reduce risk of hospitalization with coronavirus

A cheap lice remedy has been shown to reduce the risk of hospitalization with coronavirus by 80 percent. The Daily Mail writes about it.

It turned out that ivermectin, which costs £ 1.5 per course (about 150 rubles), also halves the recovery time. However, according to many scientists, more research is needed to prove the effectiveness of this drug against COVID-19.

Scientists believe that ivermectin blocks the “nervous system” of virus cells, preventing them from reproducing. The participants in the experiment were divided into two groups: one was given the real drug, and the other was given a placebo. In the first group of 573 people died only eight, and in the second – 44 out of 510.

Research was conducted mainly in developing countries, including Bangladesh, Argentina and Egypt, commissioned by World Health Organization (WHO). Test results are expected to be released in the coming months, involving an additional 7,100 people.

At the same time, many experts noted that some of the studies were weak. In addition, the drug was given in a small dosage and in combination with other drugs, so its effectiveness cannot be judged.