Scientists have found a link between timing of sex and longevity of men

Scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago (USA) have found a connection between the longevity of men and the time they have sex. According to their research, sex in the morning is more beneficial for health reports ” Moskovsky Komsomolets “.

Experts conducted a survey among 2,600 men aged 65 to 87 years old and came to the conclusion that most of them who have sex at least five times a month have sex in the morning. Moreover, 97 percent of them are men between the ages of 80 and 87. Physiologists explain this by the fact that morning sex is more beneficial for the general state of men’s health, since it prevents headaches, normalizes blood pressure, prevents cardiovascular diseases and protects against neuroses.

According to psychologist and sexologist Oleg Shevchenko, these beneficial properties of sex are inherent in any time of day, but in the morning they are more effective, since the effect of sexual intercourse is comparable to the benefits of morning exercises, while evening exercises for the elderly can be harmful and dangerous. In addition, in men, testosterone levels are higher at the beginning of the day, and then gradually decrease. However, it should be remembered that morning sex is useful only after a full sleep, when the strength is fully restored.

The only disadvantage of morning sex Shevchenko called a sufficient amount of time, which is not always there at this time of day. Therefore, you should try to wake up at least half an hour earlier and, preferably, without an alarm clock. If you are in a hurry and worry, then there will be no benefit from morning intimacy.

Earlier blogger Jessica Hood from Australia gave advice to men who want more regular having sex with their wives. According to her, husbands who want intimacy should look for the so-called “two-hour window”. According to Jessica, spouses with young children should always try to have sex before 9:30 pm, because by this time their wives are already tired of household chores. Therefore, she advises husbands to help their spouses around the house and share responsibilities.