Rogozin nailed nonsense version about involvement of robot “Fedor” in crack on ISS

Chapter Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin called the version about the involvement of the robot” Fedor “in the crack that caused a leak on the International Space Station (ISS) as nonsense oxygen. He stated this on the air of the Russia 24 channel.

“Poor Fedor, what was he not accused of. Was he there, in despair, hitting his head against the shell? No, of course,” Rogozin noted.

The assumption that the crack appeared due to the delivery of the robot “Fedor” to the station, made a member of the North-West Organization of the Federation of Cosmonautics Alexander Khokhlov . He recalled that the anthropomorphic robot was moved through the intermediate chamber from the Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft to the station and back, and such a transfer route was not planned in advance. The automatic docking of the Soyuz MS-14 with the robot to the Poisk module did not take place because one of the cables of the Kurs rendezvous system was not connected to the ISS. “As a result, the ship had to dock to the Zvezda modular module and then drag the Fedor robot through a narrow intermediate chamber,” Khokhlov said. “Careless movement of the android could well lead to a crack in the hull.”