Space New Year events at Sirius Center

The State Corporation Roscosmos, within the framework of the cooperation program with the Educational Foundation “Talent and Success”, has organized a cultural and educational program for residents of the urban district of Sirius. The event is decorated in the corporate space style of Sirius and the State Corporation Roscosmos. The scientific and educational tree in the format of the space quest “S.I.Rius” opened the “Sirius New Year”.

The first performances on December 26 and 27, 2020 were attended by the children of employees and residents of the fund. From 2 to 9 January 2021, Christmas trees will be held for the children of the Sirius city district. In the story, the heroes asked Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to repair the spaceship and open an intergalactic portal in order to return home to distant stars. The quest consists of 10 stations, and the talented robot S.I.Rius helps the children complete the task.

During all the New Year holidays, the Sirius Park of Science and Art invites residents of the urban district on excursions, where you can get acquainted with advanced scientific discoveries, smart city technologies, visit the planetarium, see full-scale models of spaceships, learn about the principles of their design and work

in orbit.

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