Cancer-Preventing Drink Revealed

American scientists have reported that ginger tea has medicinal properties that lower cholesterol and cancer risk. In addition, the drink is able to relieve joint pain reports citing the US National Library of Medicine.

According to the results of numerous studies, ginger has anti-cancer properties due to the substance gingerol, contained in the root of the plant. Scientists have found that ginger is twice as beneficial when combined with green tea.

In the course of the experiment, it turned out that 30 people who consumed two grams of ginger extract per day significantly decreased their risk of intestinal cancer due to the beneficial effects of this plant on the organ. Ginger also helps control high blood pressure due to its salicylate, a blood thinner component of aspirin.

In addition, the plant can be used as a natural remedy to help relieve pain and strengthen the immune system.

Earlier, oncologist Mikhail Myasnyankin called a way to identify cancer by the appearance of nails. According to him, the main sign of cancer that can be seen on the nails is the appearance of stripes of different colors, from brown to black, in the area of ​​the nail bed. The specialist also recommended paying attention to brittle nails and cracks. The doctor added that applying shellac, during which the skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, can provoke the development of cancer.