IPhone Sales Suspended in France Due to High Level of Radiation

The French radiation regulatory agency ANFR has halted sales of the iPhone 12 in France. The decision was made after tests revealed that the smartphone’s specific absorption rate (SAR) exceeds the legally permitted level. This information was shared by Deputy Minister of Digital Economy of France, Jean-Nel Barroin, in an interview with the newspaper Le Parisien.1

Barroin mentioned that a software update is expected to be released by Apple to address the radiation issue associated with the iPhone 12, and the response from the company is anticipated within two weeks. If Apple fails to respond, Barroin stated that he is prepared to take measures to recall all iPhone 12 devices currently in circulation. He emphasized that the rules apply to everyone, including digital giants.1

The European Union has defined the maximum SAR values related to mobile phone exposure, as scientific research suggests that high SAR levels may increase the risk of certain types of cancer. ANFR will now share its findings with regulators in other European Union countries. Barroin mentioned that this decision could potentially have a widespread impact.1

In 2020, France introduced regulations requiring retail sellers to display the radiation value of not only mobile phones but also tablets and other electronic devices on their packaging.1

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