NVIDIA: Cryptocurrencies Unprofitable for AI Computing

NVIDIA said that cryptocurrencies have not brought any benefit to society, although not so long ago the company received significant profits from the sale of video cards and mining chips. The chief technical director of NVIDIA, Michael Kagan, expressed the opinion that projects, such as chatbot with artificial intelligence Chatgpt.

are more useful areas of use of computing power.

Kagan noted that cryptocurrencies require parallel data processing, which is an advantage for NVIDIA. However, the company does not consider cryptocurrencies useful for society, since their value is exaggerated. Instead, Nvidia pays more attention to projects related to artificial intelligence.

NVIDIA was originally known for the production of powerful video cards for games, but is now a leader in the field of artificial intelligence. Thanks to the powerful chips of the company, the process of teaching new artificial intelligence systems has significantly accelerated.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft announced the purchase of tens of thousands of A100 accelerators for NVIDIA for use in the Openai artificial intelligence systems, including ChatGPT. In addition, the NVIDIA company sold 20,000 H100 aceson accelerators for AWS cloud computing, as well as 16,000 H100 accelerators were sold to Oracle.

NVIDIA also provides its computing capacity for rent. The NVIDIA service for cloud-computers DGX Cloud offers access to an H100-eight H100 cluster for less than $ 37,000 per month.

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