Ruben Östlund appointed president of jury of 2023 Cannes festival

The Swedish director, known for his acid and satirical films, received two golden palms including the last for “without filter” in 2022.

by Jacques Mandelbaum

The new fall in the morning, sharp like a cleaver. It is indeed the Swedish Ruben Östlund, a great renderer of the puffs and turpitudes of Western society, already holder in this respect of two golden palms, which will officiate at the head of the jury of the Cannes festival, during its 76 E edition will be held from May 16 to 27.

Born in Styrsö, 48 years old, author of six feature films made since 2004, Östlund is a filmmaker whose taste for unwilling satire and the robust appetite for the sordid divide the spectators fairly deeply. It is nonetheless a “creature”, so to speak, of the Cannes Film Festival which, beating iron as long as it is hot, is not for lack of recalling it by naming it this year president of the jury.

Happy Sweden – Swedish Entomology Entomology Applied to its nationals – thus found itself in the official selection a certain look in 2008. Play – a gang gang of black rackete teenagers of Docile -Bourgeois Swedish little -bourgeois – was to the fifteen directors in 2011. Snow Therapy – A father abandoned his family after an avalanche – again appeared in a certain look in 2014.

“Happy, proud and imprint of humility”

More recently, the square (2017) – Vitriole of contemporary art environment – then without filter (2022) – Addendum Scatological to the capital of Karl Marx – won the Palmes d’Or Available in competition during their passage in competition . It is sometimes heard that the passage through the Cannes Film Festival, a palm of gold included, would no longer be likely to influence the success of a film or a career. In this case, it would be necessary to bring the figures closer to the first and the last Östlund film distributed in France – 1,370 spectators for Happy Sweden, 568,000 for without filter – to persuade that the Martingale is highly recommendable.

The lucky elected official, who will therefore preside the destinies of the next Cannes competitors, declared by learning his appointment: “I am happy, proud and imprinted with humility to see me entrusted the honor of presiding over the jury From the Cannes Film Festival this year. No other place in the world arouses such a desire for cinema when the curtain rises on a film in competition. What a chance to be there with these ends of the festival -goers of Cannes. I think Honestly that the culture of cinema is going through a crucial period. Cinema is unique. We share it. Looking together requires more the thing represented and increases the intensity of the experience. This brings us something so different that this dopamine secreted by scrolling from individual screens. “

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