China Programs Path to Economic Dominance in Computing

China is strengthening its digital economy and increasing its computing power in the midst of competition with the United States. In response to export restrictions imposed by the US, Chinese officials see independence in the technological field as a top priority.

Jin Zhuangolun, Minister of Industry and Information Technologies of China (Miit), has emphasized the importance of computational power in the digitalization process. He believes that creating advanced data centers is crucial for keeping up with global leaders.

Computing resources play a crucial role in modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, large-scale storage facilities, and cloud services. These tools are widely used in various industries, from transportation and logistics to enterprise management and customer service.

However, American restrictions on the supply of cloud services and AI chips pose significant obstacles to China’s ambitions in this field.

According to the Chinese Academy of Information and Communication Technologies, every yuan invested in the computer industry can increase the country’s GDP by 3-4 yuan. China already has a well-established data analysis system that has shown stable growth, with a performance increase of nearly 30% over the past 5 years.

In order to further advance its technological capabilities, China has established the Central Commission on Science and Technologies. This organization will help implement national plans and develop military-civil structures.

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