Quera Computing to Launch Most Powerful Quantum Computer in History

Quera Computing from Boston has announced its plans to develop a quantum computer with 10,000 cubes by 2026. The company aims to surpass the capabilities of today’s most powerful supercomputers. In their recent press release, Quera Computing also revealed their road map for the near future, including the launch of a new car containing 10 logical cubes by the end of this year.

Quantum computers are revolutionizing the computing technology, offering theoretical advantages over modern supercomputers. However, scientists face a significant challenge in dealing with high error rates in the functioning of quantum computers. While the probability of an error in silicon computers is one in a billion bits, quantum computers experience an error per thousand cubes.

This issue is linked to the properties of cubes, which are storage units for data in quantum computers. These cubes can exist in a state of superposition, meaning they can simultaneously hold values of 0 and 1. Although this capability allows for significantly larger-scale computing, it also introduces errors that limit the practical applications of quantum computers.

To mitigate errors in quantum calculations, research institutions and companies, including Quera Computing, are working on methods that utilize quantum properties such as entanglement and error-correcting logical cubes. These methods aim to reduce the likelihood of erroneous calculations.

Quera Computing has already demonstrated quantum computers with 48 logical cubes and an error rate of 0.5%, marking the largest number of logical cubes ever tested on a quantum computer.

Quera’s Roadmap for Quantum Calculations with Error Correction:

YearQuantum Computer Specifications
2024Quantum computer with 256 physical qubits and 10 logical cubes. Aimed at testing code programmers for future quantum computers.
2025Quantum computer with 3,000 cubes and 30 logical cubes.

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