Ary Chalus, president of Guadeloupe region, referred to criminal court

The Basse-Terre prosecutor criticizes him for exceeding the 2015 campaign accounts and the embezzlement of the prejudice of an association.

by Nathalie Guibert

The president of the Guadeloupe region, Ary Chalus, is referred to the Criminal Court of Basse-Terre for a hearing scheduled for two days, on March 30 and 31, by direct quotation of the public prosecutor. MO12345LEMONDE had confirmation of this information published by the Guadeloupe channel the 1 re , Tuesday February 28.

The head of the list (solidarity and responsible guadeloupe) of the 2015 “Change d’Avenir” campaign, is criticized for having spent twice as much as the authorized ceiling: a total of 170,966 euros too much, which Added to the 160,788 that he had declared – the legal ceiling went to 168,833. According to our information, the regional elected official, who became in 2017 support of the party of President Emmanuel Macron, is cited with four other co -family – its campaign director, the treasurer, a member of the team and the director general of the services of the Grand Sud Sud Caribbean agglomeration community.

The major part of the excess expenses relate to the sound system of electoral meetings and to printing services, certain sums of which have been regulated in cash, according to the elements gathered by the prosecution. Other invoices correspond to catering costs – for example 6,626 euros at the restaurant the Christo, December 14, 2015, or 5,326 euros in drinks purchased from the company of Gros PHP Trading, for the various permanences of the candidate.

“performances” to a journalist

We also find, in the list established by the Prosecutor of Basse-Terre, 21,989 euros of “performances” paid to the political journalist of Guadeloupe 1 re , Gilbert Pliersmail. The latter has a public relations consulting company. He had been sentenced in this context, in 2018, for a social property abuse to nine months suspended prison sentence and 30,000 euros fine. His partner, the regional councilor Maguy Céligny, had been sentenced for the same facts to 1 year suspended and 50,000 euros fine.

The prosecutor, Xavier Sicot, also criticizes the former mayor of Baie-Mahault for having diverted, between 2015 and 2018, funds for the prejudice of an association for social and cultural purposes: donations paid to Alliance Baie -Mahaultian, which he chaired, would have financed his political activities. In 2021, the prosecution had placed ARY CHALUS in police custody for thirty hours and had diligent searches at the Baie-Mahaultian alliance.

The Federation of the Socialist Party (PS), with its nine heads of the list, in the first place the former Minister Victorin Lurel Adversary of Ary Chalus, had filed a complaint, in 2019, suspected of irregularities. In 2015, Mr. Chalus won in the second round with 57.49 % of the vote – he will be largely re -elected in 2021. “We had seen that many young people had been hired, and that Mr. Chalus’s team was Present everywhere in the field, in all the municipalities, with big means “, explains Olivier Nicolas, federal secretary of the PS. Today, the latter could be a civil party, as invited to do the public prosecutor.

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