Secret documents from Israeli nuclear facility leaked

A group of hackers known as Anonymous has claimed responsibility for hacking into the computer network of a secret nuclear facility in Israel. The target of the attack was the Shimon Perez Nuclear Studies Center, and the hackers stated that it was done in protest against the war in Gaza. The hackers have said that they were able to access and release thousands of documents, including PDF files, emails, and PowerPoint presentations related to the Israeli nuclear program.

Despite their claims, there is no official confirmation that the hackers were able to breach the operational network of the facility. The group has emphasized that their actions are anti-war and do not intend to harm civilians, although they did issue a warning about the potential dangers of their operation, illustrated with an animated video of a nuclear explosion.

Cybersecurity specialists from the Israeli company Check Point have noted an increase in hacker activity linked to Iran since the conflict in Gaza began. Iran-backed hacker groups have been launching attacks against Israel and its allies. Check Point’s Gila Messing has analyzed the documents released by the hackers and found that while most do not contain critical information, they could still be used for future attacks, such as phishing attempts.

The breach of a strategic nuclear facility highlights the importance of cybersecurity, especially in the midst of armed conflict and nuclear threats. The safety of such critical infrastructure must be a top priority to avoid potentially catastrophic consequences. Playing games with nuclear facilities for geopolitical purposes is deemed unacceptable due to the immense risks they pose to humanity as a whole.

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