Iran Sends Animals on Trip Outside Earth

Iran has successfully launched a “biological capsule” into low near-Earth orbit (Noo), marking a significant step towards manned space flights, according to the country’s Minister of Communications. This news was reported by The Information Agency of the Islamic Republic (IRNA), the state media.

The capsule, weighing 500kg, was launched on the Salman rocket and reached a height of 130km. The Ministry of Communications stated that the launch vehicle and capsule were developed by local specialists in order to send Iranian astronauts to space. Earlier, IRNA reported that the launch of the capsule was a test flight aimed at evaluating the technologies necessary for the implementation of manned flights.

According to a report by the Associated Press, the capsule is capable of testing life support systems before sending humans on board the Salman rocket. However, the use of animals in space flights has raised ethical disputes, despite previous instances of animals being sent into space by various countries.

From a strategic perspective, the launch of the capsule is of great importance. Iran has medium-range missiles and the ability to take satellites into orbit. Additionally, the country is known for its efforts in the development of nuclear weapons.

The announcement that Iran can launch a 500kg payload to a height of 130km is expected to be of interest to both military analysts and space research enthusiasts. The Iranian Ministry of Communications has already indicated that further presentations on the country’s space program will be made, as part of a long-term plan.

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