Live iran updates

Backdor Powerless to Target Israeli Organizations
Microsoft Accuses Iran of Large-Scale Attacks on US Infrastructure
US Prepares for Cyber Attacks by Russia and Iran
Iranian Hackers Cancel Israel University Exams
Iran: new unexplained cases of intoxication of schoolgirls in five provinces
Iran: head of IAEA reports “constructive discussions” on nuclear file
Iran: UN and Germany ask that cases of poisoning of schoolgirls be “elucidated”
Lyon, management of Euronews announces two hundred layoffs and “redeployment of journalists’ teams”
Frenchman Benjamin Brière, acquitted on appeal in mid-February, is still imprisoned in Iran
Iran: hundred new cases of schoolgirl intoxication in city of Ardabil
Concern about fate of Franco-Afghan journalist held by Taliban
Iran: uranium particles enriched at almost 90 %, threshold required to produce an atomic bomb
Iran: “it has become more difficult to control population”
Italy: at least 31 migrants died in sinking of their boat near coast
European football crushed by financial power of English clubs
Bashar al-Assad strives to break his regional isolation after earthquake in Turkey and Syria
Syria: several dead in an Israeli strike on building in Damascus
An echoed Berlinale with dramas of world
Farhad Khosrokhavar, sociologist: “Without real support, revolt in Iran is running out of steam”
Xi Jinping will pay state visit to Iran
Exchange of prisoners with Iran: Belgian judges under pressure
Sleeping in English Channel: families of victims require compensation
Mountaineering: Dubouloz, Welfringer and Paulin make first winter in north face of Grandes Jorasses
Republican Nikki Haley announces her candidacy for American presidential election 2024
Australia: after ten years of waiting, 19,000 refugees officially authorized to settle on continent
Iranian President Ebrahim Raïssi in China to strengthen anti -environmental axis
Iran celebrates 44th anniversary of Islamic Revolution against backdrop of regime’s protest
Franco-Iranian researcher Fariba Adelkhah, owned for three years in Iran, has come out of prison
Mania 2023 series, resolutely international selection
Death of Miroslav Blazevic, ex-selector who had brought Croats to third place in 1998 World Cup
In Turkish villages, forgotten of earthquake: “We are in survival”
US senators complained to Tsuckerberg about risk of Facebook data data from 42,000 developers
Liberation of Jafar Panahi, Iran, arouses immense relief in world of cinema
Iranian director Jafar Panahi was released on bail after seven months of detention
Iranian hackers use new backer for espionage for governments of Middle East
Piracy of “Charlie Hebdo”: an Iranian group with maneuver, according to Microsoft
Imprisoned in Tehran, Iranian director Jafar Panahi started hunger strike
Emmanuel Macron receives Benyamin Netanyahu to speak Iran and Israeli-Palestinian violence
Israel: Benyamin Netanyahu is trying to reassure American ally
Two strikes target military site in Ispahan and an Iranian convoy in Syria
Iran: Tehran announces that it has pushed drone attack on military site in center of country
Azerbaijan accuses Iran of “terrorist” attack against its embassy in Tehran
Brussels and London approves new sanctions against Iranian regime
Three Iranians threatened with expulsion by Belgium
Handball World: France will face Germany in quarterfinals
Hand world: Blues approach quarters on flawless
More than half of world’s population suffered from Internet locks in 2022
Dunkirk: prison for Iranian smugglers after murderous sinking