Iranian Hackers Breach Israel’s Largest Oil Refinery

The largest operator of oil refineries in Israel, Bazan, has experienced a website outage following a statement from hackers announcing the successful breach of the company’s systems.

Bazan, formerly known as Oil Refineries Ltd., is located in Haifa Bay and generates an annual revenue exceeding $13.5 billion. With over 1800 employees, the company has a refining capacity of approximately 9.8 million tons per year.

Over the weekend, the websites of Bazan, including and, experienced disrupted traffic, resulting in HTTP 502 errors or server rejections.

However, the site remained accessible within Israel, possibly due to specific measures implemented in response to the ongoing cyberattack.

The Iranian hacker group known as “Cyber Avenges” or “Cyberav3ngers” claimed responsibility for the breach in a Telegram channel. On Saturday evening, the group released screenshots allegedly showcasing the infiltration of SCADA systems utilized by Bazan for industrial control systems monitoring and management.

The compromised systems include various settings schemes related to gas regeneration, amine regeneration, petrochemical dividing sections, and PLC codes.

According to the hacker group, they gained access to Bazan’s petrochemical infrastructure through a security vulnerability in Check Point company’s inter-grid screen. The IP address ( associated with the inter-sewage device reportedly belongs to Oil Refineries Ltd., as confirmed by publicly available data. As of now, attempting to access the news related to this IP address returns a “Forbidden” error.

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