Israeli Hackers Cause Mass Failures in Iranian Power Grid

A group of Israeli hackers, known as “We Red Devils,” claimed to have successfully infiltrated the power supply of Iran, leading to widespread power failures and outages throughout the country. The cyber attack, referred to as Kiberataka, occurred on Wednesday evening, causing significant damage to Tehran’s systems.

The hackers quickly gained access to sensitive Iranian systems, resulting in failures that impacted numerous electric networks across the country. As a result, large parts of Iran are currently experiencing power outages, leaving residents without light. The exact extent of the damage caused by the hackers is still unknown.

Following the audacious attack, “We Red Devils” released a statement taking responsibility for the cyber attack. The hackers stated, “Over the past few days, we managed to hack dozens of sensitive Iranian systems, the details of which we will not disclose. Among them is the electric system in Tehran and the surrounding villages. We deprived them of electricity, leaving tens of thousands of people without communication and power for two hours.”

Concluding their message, the hackers issued a warning to Iran, stating, “This message is from us to Iran, do not play with fire. The next strike will be even harsher, with a larger number of victims, and it will differ from the cyber attacks you are familiar with. We will prevail together.” Prior to the attack, the hackers had issued a threatening statement in Hebrew and English, stating, “Iran? Tehran? Today at 18:00 Israeli time, we will surprise you. We are so deeply embedded that you won’t even be able to turn on the lights in your homes. Prepare the candles.”

It should be noted that the authenticity of the cyber attacks and their complete impact have yet to be confirmed by official sources. Nevertheless, this incident emphasizes the growing threat posed by cyber attacks and highlights the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructures worldwide.

As the story develops, it is anticipated that both Iran and Israel will conduct investigations into the reported cyber attack in order to ascertain the extent of the damage and potential security consequences for their respective countries.

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