Cyber Av3ngers Hackers Target Treatment Facilities in 10 Cities

The hacker group known as Cyber ​​AV3NGERS has claimed responsibility for the hacking of ten water-cleaning stations in Israel. The cities affected by the attacks include Heder, Palmakhim, Sorek, Ashkelon, Haifa, Khorazim, Kfar Haruv, Taberia, Eilat, and Daniel.

Confirmation that these facilities were indeed targeted has not been obtained. IDE Technologies, the company that operates some of these stations, has not provided any details regarding the incident. However, the hackers have published a video showing the software menu with the IDE Technologies logo, suggesting their involvement.

Based on the information presented in the video and the group’s statements, the hacking resulted in the disruption of the industrial systems responsible for monitoring the stations, sensors, and management processes. This effectively hindered the operators’ ability to manually control the system. The video also shows a screen displaying the acidity level of the system with a request to “stop cleaning”.

The hackers have also released a video demonstrating the hacking process through the command line, revealing the IP addresses of the targeted systems. Some of these IP addresses are associated with Siemens, the company responsible for the software mentioned in the video.

Cyber ​​Av3NGERS has previously claimed responsibility for cyber attacks on Israeli energy stations. However, Kaspersky Lab’s analysis revealed that the previous attack allegations included reused images and data from another hacktivist group known as Moses Staff. This group is linked to Iran and is focused on damaging Israeli companies through the theft and publication of confidential data.

A separate hacker group named “Cyber ​​Avenges” has been actively targeting Israeli organizations, particularly those involved in the country’s critical infrastructure, since 2020. However, there have been no documented connections between this group and Cyber ​​AV3NGERS.

Sources: Securelist

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