Israel Deploys AI as Harsh Commander in Future War

Israel began to use intellectual systems that can determine the goal and organize air attacks. The growth of the popularity of AI this year caused fears associated with the loss of jobs and the extinction of the significance of creativity. However, more and more anxiety is caused by the use of AI in the military sphere.

Recently, the Israeli military confirmed that they use a system of recommendations based on AI. It analyzes data arrays to determine the purpose of air strikes and organize logistics during military operations. For a raid, another model is used – Fire Factory, which calculates a lot of ammunition, prioritizes and distributes up to a thousand tasks for aircraft and drones, as well as for the sentence of an attack scheme.

The idea of ​​using AI control over military operations caused a lot of controversy and debate. To reduce public anxiety, the official representative of the Israeli armed forces emphasized that the systems are fully controlled by a person. Professionals check and approve of an action plan. However, it is known that the technology is not regulated by either the international or at the state level.

“Smart” programs have already been used by Israel in combat conditions. You can recall the 11-day conflict in the gas sector in 2021, which the defense called the first “AI-Vanoaya”. Then, technology was used to identify launch installations of missiles and launch a flock of drones. If the tension with Iran about its nuclear enrichment program continues to grow, Israel’s technological tools will be involved in a larger war in the Middle East.

Israel is a world leader in the field of autonomous weapons. The guns on the boundaries of the country monitor goals with increased accuracy. This applies, for example, to attacks using tear gas and semi-shelling bullets. The country also uses autonomous self-asshole drones and barring shells that hang in the air before attacking an object that meets predetermined criteria.

Supporters of the use of AI in the military sector claim that this will reduce the number of civilian victims. Their opponents say that technical errors are not excluded, due to which innocent people will suffer, while the enemy will be missed.

This is not the first military breakthrough in 2023. In February, artificial intelligence successfully coped with the 17-hour flight on the Lockheed Martin training aircraft. In

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