Live iran updates

2023 world handball championship: France beats Slovenia and finished first in its pool
Execution of an Irano-British in Iran raises tension between London and Tehran
End of reign for Ayatollah Khamenei
Tehran executes an Irano-British accused of espionage
Iran uses facial recognition to punish women without hijab
Iran: EU studies inscription of revolution guards on its list of terrorist entities
Human Rights Watch welcomes international mobilization against war in Ukraine but denounces “two
Joe Biden does not “know what there is in documents” found in one of his former workplaces
Iran: two men of 22 and 39, arrested as part of demonstrations, were hanged
Iranian nuclear: impossible rupture around dying deal
Iran: gatherings hostile to France after publication of caricatures in “Charlie Hebdo”
Iran: two new executions related to demonstrations
Iran closes French institute after publication by “Charlie Hebdo” of caricatures
Iran: human rights activist Narges Mohammadi denounces sexual abuses in prison
Syria: Damascus airport out of service after Israeli strikes, four dead
Lyon, suicide of Mohammad Moradi upsets and mobilizes Iranian community
Xi Jinping elected proposals for strengthening military cooperation made to China by Vladimir Putin
Syria: twelve employees of an oil field killed in an attack attributed to Islamic State
Under opposition and demonstrators, Netanyahu government invested in Parliament
Demonstrations against extreme right in front of Knesset after presentation of new government
“It is urgent to grant Kurds justice and protection they deserve”
An Iranian committed suicide in Lyon to denounce repression in his country
Turkey: forced marriage of 6 -year -old girl revives controversy over religious brotherhoods
Syria paralyzed by fuel shortages
War of drones, from Syria to Ukraine
Cécile Kohler, French national retained in Iran, could speak to her family for first time since
Iran: doctors to aid of demonstrators
Kurdish community in shock and angry after killing of rue d’Enghien
Ambiguities and gray areas of current “minimum service” of transport
“The claims of Iranian women belong to ideological enemy: West”
World of solidarity cinema of Taraneh Alidoosti
Gathered in Jordan, Arab countries and France set up Iraq against Iranian influence
Iran: one hundred French parliamentarians sponsor demonstrators condemned to death
Iran: Belgium calls on its nationals to leave country because of “risks of arbitrary detention”
Arrest of Taraneh Alidoosti, famous actress, and lawyer for journalists who covered Mahsa’s death
Kosovo files for membership in European Union
Iran feeds record number of journalists imprisoned in world
Iran: second execution linked to demonstrations
UN deplores more than 11,000 children killed and injured in Yemen since 2015
Syria: third mobile operator under control of Iranian revolution guards
After execution of first protester, dozens of convicts risk death in Iran
Iran: series arrests and new death sentences
Electricity clippings: Emmanuel Macron asks to end “script for fear”
Iran: confusion on fate of moral police
2022 World Cup: England, future opponent of France, is increasingly sure of its forces
2022 World Cup: Harry Maguire, certain idea of English football
Iran announces abolition of moral police
Iran: four people were executed for “cooperation” with Israel