Smartphone Makers to Add FM Radio in India Devices

Indian smartphone consumers will soon be guaranteed access to FM radio on all devices, following a directive from the country’s Ministry of Information Technology. According to the Ministry, all smartphones sold in India from now on must come with FM radio as a default function. The move is intended to help address the digital divide and to increase access to radio services for people living in rural or remote areas of the country. It is also seen as a reliable and inexpensive method of transmitting emergency messages.

The directive was issued by the Indian government, the Indian Association of the Cell and Electronic Industry and the Association of Manufacturers of Information Technology. The Ministry advised that where FM radio is already included in smartphones, it should not be disconnected, while manufacturers should add the function where it does not exist. The Ministry also cited the International Union of Electric Communications’ proposal that radio receivers should be included as standard on mobile phones, providing low-income people with access to free entertainment and operational information, including emergency alerts and state announcements.

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