IPv6 Gains Popularity in Cloudflare Traffic

Cloudflare analyzed the degree of implementation of the IPV6 protocol in the global network, using traffic information from their services. In their Content Delivery Network, it is estimated that 35.9% of users support IPV6, with a share of 24% among bots and 46% among people. According to the APNIC Internet, the global degree of implementation of IPV6 is estimated at 36.64%. The leaders in IPV6 implementation are India (81.53%), Malaysia (69.48%), France (66.67%), Belgium (66.02%), and Germany (64.91%). In Russia, the level of IPV6 support is 10.84%, Ukraine – 11.76%, Belarus – 13.59%, Kazakhstan – 14.61%, Uzbekistan – 0.15%, Kyrgyzstan – 0.05%.

The above data only covers IPV6 support on the customer side. To understand how ready the DNS service is to serve IPV6 requests, traffic from the (2606:4700:4700::1111) DNS server is analyzed. The IPV6 support level among users of the Cloudflare DNS service was found to be 30.5%, and among the servers, it was 43.3% when calculating the number of DNS queries and answers with “A” (IPV4) and “AAAA” (IPV6) records. When combining data on queries and answers, it was determined that only in 13.2% of cases, a connection with the server can be established through IPV6 instead of IPV4, meaning there is simultaneous support of IPV6 on both the client and server sides.

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