Play Protect to Real-Time Check Android Internet Downloads

Google has announced the launch of an enhanced scan system called “Google Play Protect” for applications downloaded from external sources rather than from the official store. This tool is aimed at strengthening the security of Android devices.

With the new system, when users install applications from external sources, “Google Play Protect” provides them with a full-screen real-time scanning interface. The program conducts a comprehensive analysis of the code and offers detailed information about potential risks.

Although Google refers to the scan function as a “recommendation,” users are actually unable to bypass this stage. They have a choice: either allow the system to check the program or completely refuse to install it.

The developers have stated that the check involves sending sections of the code to Google servers for analysis. Play Protect analyzes approximately 125 billion programs on a daily basis. By utilizing advanced techniques, the tool can detect even the most sophisticated versions of malicious software, such as those that use artificial intelligence to bypass standard protection mechanisms.

Studies have shown that the likelihood of installing a malicious application from sources outside the Google Play Store is now 20 times higher. According to a 2018 report, only 0.04% of downloads from the Play Store contained potentially harmful elements, whereas this figure reached 0.92% for external sources. Given this context, the introduction of this innovation appears particularly relevant.

The testing of the improved scanning system will initially be conducted with users in India. Subsequently, Android smartphone owners worldwide will gain access to this enhanced feature.

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