Suzuki India Motorcycle Plant Closed for Week Due to Cyberattack

The largest motorcycle manufacturer in India, Suzuki Motorcycle, has temporarily halted production activities in the country due to a cyber attack on its systems. The company announced on May 10 that it had suspended its production, and it is not yet known when it will resume. Reports suggest that over the past few days, the company lost around 20,000 units of products due to the cyber attack.

As a result of the cyber attack, Suzuki Motorcycle also postponed its annual conference of suppliers, which was scheduled to begin next week. An official representative of Suzuki Motorcycle India said, “We are aware of the incident and immediately reported this to the relevant government department. The case is currently under investigation, and for security reasons, we cannot provide additional details at the moment.”

Previously, Suzuki Motorcycle India had reported a record and profitable start to the financial year. The company witnessed total growth of 23.3 percent in April this year, with over 88,730 units of products sold. However, the company reportedly failed to meet its expectations and saw a decrease in sales of 9 percent in March.

At the same time, Suzuki Motor has predicted a 4.4 percent growth in global production volume in the financial year of 2024. India will continue to remain the largest source of global sales for the company.

It is worth noting that another Indian automaker, Tata Motors, also fell victim to cyber attacks. Hackers stole data on customers and employees and demanded a ransom for their return.

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