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Pensioner brought a sacrifice for sake of rescue her husband
Bill Gates stated deadlines for end of Covid-19 pandemic
Belarus will reduce number of diplomats in countries of European Union
Presidential Election 2022: At Reunion, Marine Le Pen surfs protest vote
In United States because of ties with Russia did not consider India by Client State
WHO approved ninth Covid-19 vaccine
Facebook closes hundreds of accounts related to private surveillance companies
“Dexter: New Blood”, On Canal +: Dusseur’s Dussemble Return Jigier
India: offered to increase age of marriage for women
Open IL-76 place in world
Total in Uganda: First NGO victory in their trials against multinational
According to Reporters Without Borders, 488 journalists are imprisoned in world
Image of participant “Miss Universe” contest from Japan caused a scandal
US: China’s fortifications were afraid on border with India
Scientists warned about offensive “hellish” heat
Russia blocks introduction of climate in mandate of UN Security Council
In Kremlin considered unacceptable draft resolution on climate in UN
US disappointed Wet of Russia to Climate Resolution and Security at UN Security Council
Victims of Larry Nassar conclude a compensation agreement with American sports authorities
United States accused Russia in undermining of interests of world due to veto on UN Security Council resolution
Russia left veto to UN Climate Resolution in UN
Representative of India won contest “Miss Universe”
Maniac killed a naked woman and kidnap her head
Chinese Tanks VT-2 noticed in Africa
A man to take revenge on his mistress who threw his mistress and killed her son
India: farmers leave New Delhi at a year of one year of manifestations against agrarian reform
US announced printing of oil cube
In India, they experienced a missile for Su-30Mki
Exports of Russian vaccines set a record
Created glowing on contact with Covid-19 mask
Russia stated one of most original markets in world
Main difference between Russian consumers from US
At place of wreck of a helicopter in India found body of headquarters of defense
China predicted world domination due to Omicron strain
Lukashenko rests on Russian car
India: Putin and Modi reaffirm their military pact
Technology production of Russian tanks will be offered by India
Russia refused to sell weapons for dollars
Radicals attacked Christian school in India
Gemini conducted an experiment with vegan and meat diet
Finland will buy American F-35A fighters
Rosneft signed a number of contracts with Indian oil companies
Russia and India signed a contract for production of automata
Putin promised to develop military cooperation with India
Prime Minister India spoke of agreements with Russia
At Art Basel Miami Beach, Half-hinge reunion
Russia approached beginning of production of “Light satellite” in India
India and Russia signed a number of contracts in field of military cooperation