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Suzuki India Motorcycle Plant Closed for Week Due to Cyberattack
India Blocks Element and Briar Open Messengers
Smartphone Makers to Add FM Radio in India Devices
Vipersoftx Infostiller Uncovers All Victim Passwords
Bitdefender Labs Reports Iranian Group Charming Kitten’s New Bellaciao Harm
India to Lead in Quantum Computing by 2031
Chinese AI: Will Satellites Control World?
Muslim Hackers Attack Fashion House Over Arabic Language on Clothes
TikTok: Threat or Victim of Geopolitics?
CMA CGM, most profitable of French companies
India: G20 trapped by its divisions on war in Ukraine
Biden accommodated data of credit cards of 2 million people from around world
Vega-C: part made in Ukraine behind failure of first commercial flight of rocket
Faced with excesses of India, accomplice silence of Westerners
How “super corals” of Red Sea are resistant to warming
Totalnergies project in Uganda: disappointment of NGOs after rejection of their requests deemed “inadmissible”
China advances its pawns in Solomon Islands
Death of Ismaïla Touré, founder and member of Senegalese group Touré Kunda
France garnered 58 billion euros in 2022 thanks to international tourism, record
Tennis: with its 378 weeks as world number 1, Novak Djokovic drops Steffi Graf’s record
G20 Finances fails to agree on Ukraine
“Qatargate” in European Parliament: Belgian justice is investigating payment of “several million euros”
After year of war in Ukraine, diplomatic impasse at UN
Cyclone Freddy left seven dead in Madagascar and becomes storm in Mozambique
Cyclone Freddy: at least four people killed in Madagascar
After Uganda, Tanzania gives green light to construction of controversial oil pipeline
Tropical Cyclone Freddy quickly advances to Madagascar
“GAFA tax”: Bruno Le Maire deplores “blockage” of negotiations by United States
GitHub published report on locks in 2022
American presidential election: Nikki Haley, first candidate to challenge Donald Trump for republican investiture
India: BBC in Narendra Modi’s sights
Group-Ib explained Sidewinder government hackers from India, which have spied on companies in Asia
Migrants: point of passage between United States and Canada arouses increasingly lively friction
Behind attacks on journalists, disinformation and hatred operations online
Republican Nikki Haley announces her candidacy for American presidential election 2024
Air India signs record contract with Airbus and Boeing providing for purchase of 250 European planes and 220 devices
Ford plans to remove 3,800 jobs in Europe
Chinese ball was part of large spy program, according to US government
Mania 2023 series, resolutely international selection
International adoptions in France: thirty years of drifts
Uganda: support of insurer Marsh to Eacop pipeline project targeted by complaint with OECD
Global warming: 15 million people threatened by flood floods
War in Ukraine: to weaken Putin, Europe banish Russian diesel
France: Russian diesel embargo maintains pressure on prices at pump
In full debacle, Indian billionaire Gautam Adani cancels historic fundraising
Climate transition: EU reveals its defense plan in face of Joe Biden’s measures
Novak Djokovic will be able to compete in US Open 2023 thanks to scheduled end of state of health emergency
Madagascar: at least 25 dead and 38,000 displaced after passage of Cheneso storm