US Navy Deploys Drones for Radio Warfare

The US Navy Center in Crane, Indiana has announced its search for partners among industrial enterprises and state structures to participate in the exercises planned for July 2024. The event, called “Quiet Roy 2024,” aims to showcase the capabilities of new unmanned systems in the field of electromagnetic warfare.

During these exercises, the focus will be on demonstrating the development of small guided systems capable of distributed electromagnetic attacks, disinformation, and transmission of digital data. The technologies involved must correspond to the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) ranging from second to fifth. The TRL scale, used by the Pentagon, determines the stage of technology development on a scale from one to nine.

The teachings of “Quiet Roy” will involve a series of practical classes where individual technological initiatives will work together to achieve operational goals in various environments, including land, air, sea, underwater, cyberspace, and space. More information about the teachings can be found at this link.

The main objective of the exercises is to create chaos and confusion in the radio frequency spectrum, aiming to disrupt the enemy’s ability to assess the situation, manage operations, and make decisions.

In the previous exercises of this format, which concluded last summer, over 300 participants from different departments worked on 30 technological initiatives.

Besides other departments within the Pentagon, the Navy has also invited civil structures such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and foreign partners including Australia and the UK to participate.

All of this takes place amidst statements made by the US Deputy Secretary of Defense, Kathleen Hicks, about the initiation of the replicator initiative. This initiative aims to mass-produce thousands of drones for confrontation with China.

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