Android virus DAAM combines extortion and espionage

Indian government warned of the new DAAM virus, which infects Android devices and can give hackers to calls, contacts, search history and smartphone camera. This was reported by the National Cybersecurity Agency Cert-in in its recommendation.

Daam virus is able to bypass antivirus programs and install extortion software on infected devices. Botnet on the basis of Android spreads mainly through malicious sites or applications loaded from non -permanent or unknown sources.

The virus uses the Aes encryption algorithm to work on the victim device. According to Cert-in, other files are then deleted from the local storage, and only files with the extension “.enc” and the “Readme_now.txt” file, which contains the requirement of redemption.

After installation, the virus tries to bypass the device security system. DAAM he manages to access confidential data, as well as permits for reading history and bookmarks, completing background processes and reading a call journal, he will try to steal the user’s personal information.

Daam is also capable of, among other things,

  • Listen to phone calls;
  • View contacts;
  • Take a photo and write a video from the camera;
  • change passwords on the device;
  • make screenshots;
  • kidnap SMS messages;
  • download and upload files.

The Cert-in statement is considered as a warning of the Indian government for users of Android telephones around the world to be vigilant and take all the necessary precautions to protect their mobile devices. To prevent attacks of such viruses and harmful programs, the Central Agency proposed several recommendations, including Cert-in advises to avoid visiting unprincipled sites or pressing unknown links if they do not seem reliable.

The organization also recommends that you are careful when clicking on links in unwanted emails and SMS messages. In particular, the report says that you need to regularly update antivirus software and maintain it in the current state.

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