Mass Fraud in India Damages Reputation of Global Tech Giants

Central Bureau of Investigations of India Conducts Raids to Combat Cybercrime

The Central Bureau of Investigations of India (Central Bureau of Investigation, CBI) conducted searches in 76 places across the country as part of its efforts to eliminate cybercrime campaigns involving fraud in technical support and cryptocurrencies.

The operation, known as Operation Chakra-II, is aimed at dismantling cybercriminal networks engaged in financial fraud. To strengthen their efforts, the CBI collaborated with international law enforcement agencies, as well as technology giants Microsoft and Amazon.

During the raids conducted in various Indian states, such as Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and West Bengal, authorities seized 32 mobile phones, 48 laptops and hard drives, and 33 SIM cards. Additionally, numerous bank accounts were frozen and emails related to 15 accounts were confiscated, providing crucial information about the fraudulent operations.

As a result of Operation Chakra-II, the CBI uncovered two fraudulent schemes involving technical support services that had been operating for at least five years. These fake call centers impersonated Microsoft and Amazon support services and targeted over 2,000 companies primarily from the United States, but also from Canada, Germany, and other countries. The CBI also uncovered a fraudulent group involved in illegal cryptocurrency mining, resulting in losses of approximately $12 million.

Based on the evidence collected during the operation, the CBI has informed international law enforcement agencies about the harmful campaigns, urging comprehensive action to disrupt these criminal networks.

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