War in Ukraine: France will provide 12 new Caesar kyiv guns

These cannons will be added to the 18 Caesar already delivered by France as well as to 19 promised by Denmark to kyiv mid-January. kyiv also claims the reception of “120 to 140 western tanks”.

mo12345lemonde with AFP

They will be delivered “in the coming weeks”. France announced Tuesday that it would deliver twelve new Caesar cannons to Ukraine. They will be added to the eighteen howles already delivered by France as well as to the nineteen Caesar cannons promised by Denmark to kyiv mid-January. “A mass that is not negligible” according to the Minister of the French armies, Sébastien Lecornu, who will eventually allow Ukraine to have around fifty copies.

These new cannons will be “financed as part of the 200 million euros support fund” set up by France, said Tuesday, January 31, Mr. Lecornu, during a joint press conference with his counterpart Ukrainian Oleksiï Reznikov, who had been carrying out his first bilateral visit since the start of the war last February.

Of the eighteen already delivered by France, only one is now out of use. “There is maintenance to be carried out on the nineteen remaining, linked to the combat or classic wear of this type of equipment,” informed the minister. Regarding the Caesar given by Denmark, Copenhagen had ordered these artillery pieces to the French group Nexter between 2017 and 2019. But deliveries have been late and only a few copies have already been delivered.

l ‘ Ukraine will receive “120 to 140 tanks” Western

Half of the French support fund of 200 million euros has already been spent, announced last week Mr. Lecornu. The twelve new Caesar – which cost around 60 million euros – and the Ground Master 200 radar (GM200), will still be grate a background which could be quickly exhausted. This radar, also promised by France in Ukraine, is produced by Thales.

Paris has also “initiated discussions with [his] allies to allow a still sufficient stock of” French Sol-Air Crotale Sol-Air missiles for Ukraine, underlined the Minister of the Armed Forces. Crotale has been provided to fifteen countries, notably in Greece, Finland and South Korea.

“This material helps us to get closer to the day of our victory. Crotales destroy 100% of the targets so it is very important to close the Ukrainian sky,” said Reznikov. Finally, the Minister of French Army also announced the sending of 150 French soldiers to Poland, to train Ukrainian soldiers.

Ukraine also announced on Tuesday that Westerners had already committed to deliver “between 120 and 140” tanks to postpone the Russian army, which recently intensified its offensive, claiming to take a new village Near the hot spot of Bakhmout. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ukrainian, Dmytro Kouleba, said about the tanks, whether it was Leopard 2 of German design, Challenger 2 British and American Abrams.

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