Live ukraine updates

East Africa: “The region is again on verge of humanitarian disaster”
Iranian nuclear: impossible rupture around dying deal
Martial arts, war and repression in Chechnya
Poland: ravages of restrictions on access to abortion
EU tries to relaunch its partnership with Morocco in delicate political context
PS Congress: three candidates for post of first secretary oppose virulence on Nut
Belgium: extension of high tension nuclear power
“The position of President Lula is that of dialogue” with Putin
Several NGOs denounce attempts at scandalous and illegal “” scandalous and illegal “to Syria
Energy: unexpected decline in electricity and gas prices
Belarus: political trial of Nobel Peace Prize, Ales Bialiatski
Year 2022 accelerated transition from German industry
Bruno Le Maire wants to bring law on “green industry”
Member of United Nations Security Council, Switzerland wonders about its neutrality
France announces sending of “light tanks” to Ukraine
Government is trying to contain bakers’ electricity bill
“War marks turning point in landscape of Ukrainian capitalism”
“The price of gas has returned to front of war in Ukraine”
Real estate: reversal of prices, gentrification, teleworking … How market evolved in 2022
Ukraine: dozens of Russian soldiers killed in bombing of their base in Donbass
Gas in Europe is worth five times cheaper than in August
Venezuela is “totally ready” to reconnect with United States, says President Maduro
Colette Godard, theater critic at “World”, is dead
Emmanuel Macron calls for “unity” for 2023, year of closing reform of pensions
“The moral and historical accuracy is on our side,” says Vladimir Putin in his wishes for New Year
Russia taking legislative frenzy against background of conflict in Ukraine
Venezuela: opposition votes to end “temporary presidency” of Juan Guaido
Xi Jinping elected proposals for strengthening military cooperation made to China by Vladimir Putin
Venezuela: Juan Guaido favorable to “interim government” even if he is no longer president
Far from reduction goals, CO2 emissions stagnate in France
Daily press struck hard by explosion of price of paper and energy in 2022
Exxonmobil wants to prevent taxation of “overpros” of energy giants in Europe
Electricity consumption continues to drop in France
Russia prohibits sale of its oil to entities applying price ceiling
Spanish government removes VAT on basic foodstuffs
Death of gallery owner Suzanne Tarasiève, tireless defender of artists
Cessation of numerous nuclear reactors hinders reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in France
Kyiv accuses Moscow of providing Syria with wheat stolen from Ukraine
War of drones, from Syria to Ukraine
In United States, Congress adopts finance law of $ 1,700 billion
Pakistan: former Prime Minister Imran Khan threatens to destabilize country little more
Paracetamol, amoxicillin: shortages of pediatric drugs worry professionals
Ukraine: for Zelensky, win war of symbols
Business loan system extended until end of 2023
At White House and Congress, Volodymyr Zelensky reminds Americans that resistance to Russia is
“I don’t want it to be Chinese and Turks alone who are negotiating day after”
Loss of Vega C, severe failure for spatial Europe
Failure of first commercial flight of Vega-C rocket, reverse for space Europe