Live ukraine updates

Russian army at time of disciplinary recovery
Booklet: Multiple crises and rise in rate, duo winning in 2022
Anniversary of Elysée Treaty between Berlin and Paris could have been conducive to strong gesture in favor
Between France and Germany, rapprochement in trompe-l’oeil
Ukraine: how Vladimir Putin misses his bet
Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz display found unit of Franco-German “locomotive”
Franco-German couple: birthday in shadow of war in Ukraine
Russian news channel RT France announces its “closure”
Russia promises “retaliatory measures” against French media after freezing of RT France assets
Germany still hesitates to provide combat tanks to Ukraine
Emmanuel Macron announces an envelope of 413 billion euros for financing of armies in seven years
Raw materials: how traders based in Switzerland benefit from war
Pierre Lellouche: “In Ukraine, is it not time to question an outing of this war
War in Ukraine: European countries amplify their military aid in kyiv
Reduction of gas stocks in France, usual “breathing” maneuver
Issue GCOMPRIS 3.0, training set for children from 2 to 10 years
Emmanuel Macron and zigzags of pension reform
“By subsidizing fuel, governments reduce incentives to go towards more sober economy
Gas stocks in France, historically full, will have to be little emptied
Pension reform: Emmanuel Macron again on street test
Berlin, new surprise minister in La Défense to decide on kyiv aid
“Erdogan wants once again to use Syria to achieve its national goals”
Germany: Boris Pistorius appointed Minister of Defense after resignation of Christine Lambrecht
Australian Open: In 2023, end of “roller coaster” for Novak Djokovic?
Complaint against totalnergies for “complicity of war crimes” in Ukraine classified without follow -up
Ukraine: European Union denounces Russian “war crime” in Dnipro
PS Congress: for François Hollande, Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol “can bring together socialists”
German Minister of Defense resigned following series of blunders
Svetlana tsikhanovskaïa: “It’s mistake to see Belarus separately from Ukraine”
War in Ukraine: Europeans promise first tanks in kyiv
Why prices of electricity fly away
Ukraine, excuses all found to corruption in Russia
With war in Ukraine, uncertain future of Russian cemetery of Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois
Lesbos, trial for “espionage” against 24 humanitarian canceled
War in Ukraine: “It is battle of Verdun from 21st century which is currently placed in Bakhmout and Soledar”
Africa always undergoes impact of war in Ukraine, according to French Development Agency
“From war in war. From 1940 to Ukraine”: Edgar Morin is wrong with combat
Valéré Guerassimov, chief of staff of Russian army, resumes operations in hand in Ukraine
Book economy: decrease contained in 2022
Human Rights Watch welcomes international mobilization against war in Ukraine but denounces “two
War in Ukraine: kyiv and his allies fear new Russian mobilization
“Harry and Meghan, despite their words and perhaps their dreams, fail to emancipate”
Consumption of liquefied natural gas explodes orders of Lightners
UN is concerned about worsening of food insecurity in Sahel
War in Ukraine: Russian forces change tactics and seize city of Soledar
World Bank is concerned about overall economic slowdown
Suppliers increase their pressure on businesses
Japan in face of dilemmas of its military power