Issue GCOMPRIS 3.0, training set for children from 2 to 10 years

After the year of development presented release GCOMPRIS 3.0 , a free training center for children of preschool and primary school age. The package provides more than 180 mini-tutorials and modules offering the simplest graphic editor, puzzle and a keyboard simulator until the lessons of mathematics, geography and learning reading. GCOMPRIS uses the QT library and is developing the KDE community. Ready -made assemblies are formed for linux , macos , windows , raspberry pi and android .

In the new version:

  • added 8 new lessons, the total number of lessons was brought to 182:
    • The mouse clicking simulator that develops the skills of working with the mouse manipulator.
    • Lesson “Creation of fractions”, clearly acquaintance with fractions using circular or rectangular diagrams.
    • Lesson “Search for fractions”, offering to determine the fraction based on the shown diagram.
    • Lesson for teaching the alphabet Morse.
    • Lesson “Comparison of numbers”, teaching the use of symbols of comparison.
    • Lesson of complementing numbers up to dozens.
    • A lesson about the fact that the amount does not change from the change of places of terms.
    • Lesson about the decomposition of terms.

  • The command line “-l” (“–list-activites”) was implemented to withdraw all available lessons.
  • Added the command line “-launch activitynam” to launch with a transition to a certain lesson.
  • A complete translation into Russian was proposed (in the last version, the coverage of translation was 76%). The readiness of translation into Belarusian is estimated at 83%. In the last issue, the project was completely transferred to the Ukrainian language, in this issue, sound files with dedication in Ukrainian were additionally added in this issue. Organization “ save the children ” organized the sending to children’s centers of Ukraine 8000 tablets and 1000 laptops with a preinstalled GCOMPRIS.
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