Live ukraine updates

“The closure of operas is not inevitable”
Chinese ball: American diplomacy tells Beijing that it should “never happen”
Chinese ball: espionage devices, eternal source of extraterrestrial fantasies
North Korea draws an unidentified ballistic missile which would have fallen into exclusive economic zone
Munich, Westerners demonstrate their unity in face of Russia
French army lacks ammunition for high intensity
Argentina: “boom” of Russian babies worries government
An echoed Berlinale with dramas of world
Third French fighter killed on Ukrainian battlefield
2022: electricity production in France at its lowest level for thirty years
Gérald Darmanin must learn from chaos at Stade de France
Xi Jinping will pay state visit to Iran
GitHub published report on locks in 2022
David Malpass, president of World Bank, announces his next resignation
Andreï ZviaGuintsev, director in exile to “country of author cinema”
NATO countries negotiate their future levels of defense spending
Russia: six years in prison for journalist after post on Marioupol
Gas cuts in middle of winter make residents of northern China shive
Banksy unveils work on domestic violence for Valentine’s Day
Italy: Giorgia Meloni confirms her seat on right
Army draws lessons from war in Ukraine
France faces strong revival of climatoscepticism on Twitter
Europe narrowly escapes recession
Biodiversity: to fight urgently against disappearance of insects
Euro zone: Brussels enhances its growth forecast for 2023 and dismisses recession
Conservative Nikos Christudoulides, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, elected president of Cyprus
Germany: SPD of Olaf Scholz loses elections in Berlin Parliament
Ukraine: memory of war already enters museum
Ukraine: anti -aircraft defense, kyiv’s guardian angel against Russian missile salvas
Joe Biden and Lula undertake to defend democracy “testing” in their two countries
Moldova: Prime Minister resigns, government collapses
Biden-Lula meeting: war in Ukraine on discussion menu
Gas: consumption fell in France in 2022, consequence of war in Ukraine and global warming
Infiltration of private conversations and use of artificial intelligence
Kazakhstan: McDonald’s repaired because of war in Ukraine
Alec Baldwin targeted by complaint from victim’s family after his fatal shot on set
“Ukraine allies must help her create new world security system”
Brussels, Volodymyr Zelensky claims to defend “the European house” by fighting against Russia
War economy wanted by Emmanuel Macron is late, according to senatorial report
London and in Paris, Volodymyr Zelensky presses its European allies to provide planes to Ukraine to defeat
Flight crash MH17: international investigators suspend their investigation
Germany: AFD, far -right party born ten years ago, now aspires to govern
London, Volodymyr Zelensky claims “fighter planes for Ukraine, wings for freedom”
Volodymyr Zelensky in Brussels after United Kingdom and France, very symbolic visit
Vladimir Putin probably authorized supply of missile that killed plane, according to international survey
Image of 19 billion euros in totalnergies, record profits for oil companies in 2022
In Turkey and Syria, balance sheet exceeds 8,700 dead and time is running out to find survivors
Totalnergies achieved more than 19 billion euros in profit in 2022, most important in its history