Live ukraine updates

Revision of status of Northern Ireland: London takes risk of a deep crisis with Brussels
Ukraine: visit of Undergrounds of Azovstal in footsteps of Russian army
WikiMédia challenges before Russian justice his conviction for “disinformation”
Tennt dialogue between China and United States on Taiwan
Emmanuel Macron could go to Ukraine next week
United States and Latin America seek to harmonize fight against illegal immigration
Taiwan: China “will not hesitate to trigger a war” if island declares its independence
Legislative 2022: When government stands out “check book”
For Macky Sall, “Africa is stuck between war hammer in Ukraine and anvil of sanctions”
Faced with rampant inflation, ECB is committed to increasing its rates
Inflation: ECB announces a series of rate increases from July, a first for more than a decade
Nuclear: Iran summed up to respect its obligations
Unemployment insurance: recovery of accounts is confirmed
8 climate law proposals examined by European Parliament
How Central African Republic has become Russian propaganda laboratory in Africa
France: spectrum of a recession on a background of acceleration of inflation
War in Ukraine: threatened with stagnation on field, kyiv and Moscow adapt their strategy
DRC: memory and reconciliation work on second day of visit of King of Belgians
Exploration of Moon: France joins NASA program
Moscow: Dmitri Medvedev against “degenerate” of West
Uncertain future of food check, again postponed
Prices of gasoline in France have returned above two euros mark last week
Cereals, this other weapon of Kremlin diplomacy
World Bank warns risks of stagflation
European Union tries to mobilize rail to sell Ukrainian wheat
Moscow denounces decision to prevent Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Serbia in Serbia
Football: Welsh Dragons deprive Ukrainians of World Cup in Qatar
Arab vagaries of normalization with Israel
Bourges basketball players offer a fifteenth title of French champions
War in Ukraine: one of main Ukrainian monasteries affected by strikes in Donbass
Ayatollah Khamenei accuses Western “enemy” of using demonstrations in Iran to “hit”
Germany creates a special fund to modernize Bundeswehr
“Suffren”, first new generation French attack nuclear submarine, enters active service
Reform of High Public Service: to preserve diplomatic asset
Oil: OPEC and its Russian ally decide to open valves a little
While Sievierodonetsk, in Donbass, is sinking
European sanctions against Russia: Hungarian Viktor Orban obtains a new concession
War in Ukraine points to structural weaknesses of armies and armament industry
President of African Union, Macky Sall, visiting Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin
Danes say “yes” to Europe of Defense
Angela Merkel condemns “the war of barbaric aggression waged by Russia” without making mea culpa
Military aid to Ukraine: contrasting effort of Westerners
For first time in twenty years, French diplomats called to strike
Denmark vote to join European Union’s defense policy
Croatia will become 20th member country of euro zone
After a year of blocking, European Commission validates Polish recovery plan
European prosecutors want to “face” in face of war crimes in Ukraine
Electricity and gas unions are mobilizing against “the drop in purchasing power”