Live ukraine updates

Peskov described Putin’s criticism with words “I don’t want to live right away”
Ambassador of Netherlands explained huge difference between Ukraine and Russia
Former employee of KGB of Belarus agreed to testify in Sheremet case
Dobkin to compete for post of mayor of Kharkov after death of Kernes
US deployed drone attack squadron to Romania
Collection of signatures for registration of Russian vaccine will begin in Ukraine
Ukraine promised to arrange Afghanistan for Russia in case of direct war
Ukraine reacted to recording of conversation in Belarusian KGB about murder of Sheremet
Ukraine predicted a default
Ukrainians blocked highway “Kiev – Kharkov” due to gas prices
Handcuffed Ukrainian woman found dead in Turkey
In Ukraine, they talked about disruption of contracts for vaccine against COVID-19
Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine warned of possible Russian invasion for water for Crimea
Medvedchuk called statement of Ministry of Health of Ukraine about “Sputnik V”
Rada predicted Ukraine grave consequences of refusal from Russian vaccine
Ukrainian freed in Libya was not allowed into Russia
Sailors released in Libya told about harsh conditions of arrest
Russians and Ukrainians freed in Libya arrive in Moscow
Libya denied abduction of Russians and named reason for their detention
Russia has expressed its readiness to transfer Sputnik V production technologies to Ukraine
Russians and Ukrainians freed from Libyan captivity
Ministry of Health of Ukraine denied registration of Sputnik V vaccine
Transit of Russian gas through Ukraine collapsed
DPR appealed to Zelensky
Aviation deaths rise in 2020 despite pandemic
Ukraine has applied for registration of Sputnik V vaccine
State Duma advised Kiev to return seven years ago
Serbia explains benefits from Turkish Stream
Pushkov found a mistake in Zelensky’s speech about Ukrainian Crimea
Head of Crimea predicted Ukraine’s loss of regions
Procession with torches in honor of Bandera was held in Kiev
Crimea: Zelensky was offered an alternative to inscription on sand in Yalta
Crimea: Zelensky was answered with a line from Pugacheva’s song
Federation Council appreciated Zelensky’s desire to write about Crimea on sand in Yalta
Benefits of Turkish Stream for Serbia
Zelensky wanted to write about “Ukrainian Crimea” on sand in Yalta
Zelensky’s big press conference announced
Zelensky’s press secretary explained personal qualities of president
Ukraine: announced possible rejection of Chinese vaccine
Ukrainian deputy put on a hat with earflaps with a star and called for his arrest
NATO declares no military threat from Russia
State Duma predicted a dance of death for Ukraine in relations with United States
In Kiev told about awaiting death of Ukrainian state of Russia
Ukrainians demand from Zelensky to buy Russian Covid-19 vaccine
Ukraine hoped for “rock and roll” in relations with United States under Biden
Parliament caught Zelensky in deception and dubbed his supporters “suckers”
Federation Council explained finding of head of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine in service of nationalists
Poroshenko called himself author of special operation against Russians in Minsk