GitHub published report on locks in 2022

github published the annual report, which reflects the notification of intellectual violations in 2022 property and publications of illegal contents. In accordance with the Authority Law in the USA in the United States (DMCA, Digital Millennium Copyright Act), in 2022, GitHub received 2321 DMCA-REMOMS, which led to a blocking of 25387 projects. For comparison, in 2021, 1828 requests for blocking that covered 19191 were received, in 2020 – 2097 and 36901, in 2019 – 1762 and 14371. 44 refutations were received from the owners of the repository to unlawful lock.

The public services received 6 requirements Removing content due to violations of local legislation, All of which were received from Russia . None of the requests was completed. For comparison in 2021, 26 requests for locks were received, which affected 69 project and sent from Russia, China and Hong Kong. Foreign public services also received 40 requirements for disclosing information about users: 4 from Brazil, 4 from France, 22 from India, one request from Argentina, Bulgaria, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine.

In addition, 6 requests for removal related to violation of local legislation were received, which also violated the conditions of the service (Terms of Service). Requests covered 17 accounts of users and 15 repositories. Disinformation (Australia) and violation of the conditions of use of GitHub Pages (Russia) are indicated as the causes of locks.

Due to the receipt of complaints about the violations of the conditions of use of the service not related to DMCA, GitHub hidden 12860 accounts (in 2021 – 4585, in 2020 – 4826), of which 480 were subsequently restored. Blocking access to the owner of the account was undertaken in 428 cases (58 accounts were then unlocked). For 8822 accounts, both blocking and hidden were simultaneously applied (115 accounts were then restored). In the context of the projects, 4507 projects were disabled and only 6 were returned.

GITHUB also received 432 requests for user data disclosure (335 in 2021, in 2020 – 303). 274 of such requests were sent in the form of lawsuits (265 criminal cases and 9 civilians), 97 – court decisions and 22 orders for a search. 97.9% of the requests were sent by law enforcement agencies, and 2.1% in civil lawsuits. 350 requests from 432 were satisfied, as a result of which information about 2363 accounts were disclosed (1671 in 2020). Users were notified of the disclosure of their data only 8 times, since the remaining 342 requests were equipped with a non -disclosure of information (GAG Order).

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