Third French fighter killed on Ukrainian battlefield

According to information from the “world”, Andreas Gallozzi, a Dijonnais in his twenties, perished Thursday, killed by a Russian bombardment in eastern Ukraine.

by Emmanuel GRYNSZPAN

A French volunteer fighter was killed in Ukraine in the morning on Thursday, February 16, two military sources in the world announced. Andreas Gallozzi, in his twenties, died near Svatove, a locality in the Louhansk region, in the east of the country, while he was facing the Russian forces. “He was on a defense post [from a village near Svatove]. The village has been completely reconquered in recent weeks. From what I understood, a direct Russian artillery shot would have destroyed his position “, told the world one of the sources, which warned his family.

Originally from Dijon, Andreas Gallozzi embarked on the international legion, which brings together the bulk of non -Ukrainian fighters. Just before leaving in Ukraine, he would have served in the 17 e regiment of the parachutist genius. Contacted, the regiment and the army could not confirm – or invalidate – this information in the world. 2> “a heroic act”

According to his comrade, N (who prefers to remain anonymous, because he is still in Ukraine), Andreas Gallozzi was of a calm and courageous nature. During a mission, he would have destroyed a Russian tank with a RPG-7 rudimentary grenade launcher near the city of Koupiansk, during the Ukrainian counterattack in September 2022. “A heroic act that earned him to be Decorated with a medal, “says n.

It is the third French fighter to be killed in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion, on February 24, 2022. On June 25, 2022, a young man of twenty, from the Allier, Adrien Dugay -Leyoudec, had succumbed to his injuries. He had been hit at the beginning of this month, on the Kharkiv front in the east, by a Russian artillery shot, which had cost the life of a first French fighter, Wilfried Blériot, 32.

/Media reports cited above.