Italy: Giorgia Meloni confirms her seat on right

The president of the Italian council wins the elections in two key regions, Lombardy and Latium, even ahead of her own allies within the power coalition.

class = “Caption”> by Allan Kaval (Rome, correspondent)

Despite record abstention, the right has again triumphed in Italy. Regional elections in Lombardy and Latium, Sunday 12 and Monday, February 13, which had the value of the first electoral test for the president of the Council, Giorgia Meloni, confirmed her domination on the internal political scene. In the two most populous regions of the country, the right coalitions won it with 56.4 % of the votes in Lombardy and 51.2 % in Latium against a disunited left opposition. The party of M me meloni, Fratelli d’Italia (far right), even won in front of its government partners and comes at the top of the polls which determine the composition of regional executives having ‘An important degree of autonomy in the sectors of health, transport and education.

The results in decline recorded by the League, led by Matteo Salvini, and Forza Italia, founded by Silivio Berlusconi, allies of the government, confirm the “net victory” claimed by the president of the council, who intervenes when a new incident disturbs his coalition. Partner freshly re -elected senator, Mr. Berlusconi, 86, intimate friend of Vladimir Putin, was indeed illustrated on Sunday, taking it to Volodymyr Zelensky. Asked about the meeting Thursday, in Brussels, between the Ukrainian president and M me meloni, he launched: “I speak with Zelensky? If I had been president of the council, I would never be there Go. “

The failure of the Democratic Party

“It was enough for him to [the Ukrainian Head of State] cease to attack the two autonomous republics of Donbass and all this would not have happened, consequently I very very negatively judge the behavior of this gentleman”, he added. A particularly embarrassing speech for M meloni committed in favor of support for kyiv and which aims to be guaranteed by the Atlanticist orientation of Italy. “The Italian government’s support to Ukraine is firm and convinced, as is clearly planned in the program and as has been confirmed by all the parliamentary votes of the majority supporting the executive,” immediately reacted in a press release Government.

Important for the future of the coalition of Giorgia Meloni, the regional elections took place mainly in a sluggish climate. With only 37.2 % participation, the Rome region records the lowest rate ever recorded in Italy for this type of ballot. In the Milan region, 41.6 % of voters moved, which is locally, here too, a historic minimum. These two polls, in the political capital and the country’s strong economic place, thus confirms the abstention already very marked during the legislative elections of September 25. They also illustrate the difficulties of a fragmented opposition which fails to propose an alternative political offer.

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