Moldova: Prime Minister resigns, government collapses

A new government will be appointed by the country’s president, Maia Sandu, and will then have to be approved by the Moldovan Parliament, which has 101 deputies.

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Natalia Gavrilita declared, on Friday, February 10, at a press conference, that “the time has come for me to announce my resignation”. The pro-Western Prime Minister added that no one expected her government, elected in the summer of 2021, “has to manage as many crises caused by Russian aggression in Ukraine”.

The mandate of Natalia Gavrilita was marked by a long series of problems. These include an acute energy crisis, inflation that is skyrocketing, and several annoying incidents such as war missiles in neighboring Ukraine, crossing its sky. His resignation is thus added to this series of crises which seized the little nation since Russia invaded Ukraine and caused the collapse of the Moldovan Government.

“I took the reins of the government with an anti -corruption, pro -development and proeuropian mandate, at a time when the corruption stratagems had seized all the institutions and when the oligarchs felt untouchable,” said Gavrilita.

“We were immediately confronted with energy blackmail, and those who did it hoped that we would yield. The bet of the enemies of our country was that we were going to act as previous governments, which renounced energy interests, who betrayed national interest in exchange for short -term profits. “

” Despite unprecedented challenges, the country was responsible for “

The Moldovan President, Maia Sandu, thanked M Me Gavrilita for her “enormous sacrifice and her efforts to direct the country in time of so many crises”. Natalia Gavrilita, a 41-year-old economist, was appointed Prime Minister in August 2021 after her training, the Action and Solidarity Party (Pas), pro-Western, won a parliamentary election on a European and reformist pro-Union ticket In the former Soviet Republic.

“Despite unprecedented challenges, the country was governed in a responsible manner, with great care and dedicated work,” continued the president with regard to M me Gavrilita. “We have stability, peace and development-where others wanted war and bankruptcy.”

President Sandu added that she would keep consultations with parliamentary factions and appoint a candidate in the management position, without specifying when. The new government should then be approved by the Moldovan Parliament, which has 101 deputies.

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