Flight crash MH17: international investigators suspend their investigation

The investigation team considers it lacking in evidence concerning the Crash of the flight MH17, in eastern Ukraine, in 2014. She nevertheless considers that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have given the green light to the supply of Missile that killed the plane.

by Stéphanie Maupas (La Haye, Correspondence)

In almost nine years of investigation, the slightest debris of flight MH17 shot down above Donbass by pro-Russian separatists, on July 17, 2014, was returned. Hundreds of telephone listenings have been analyzed, dozens of hearing testimonies and calls for witnesses launched. However, the results of these investigations are not sufficient to launch new proceedings. The Dutch prosecution announced on Wednesday, February 8, the suspension of the investigation into the authors of the attack on the Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur flight, in which 298 people died.

Unless there is an improbable twist in the near future and against the backdrop of war in Ukraine, the investigators delivered their latest conclusions. They aim for Russian President Vladimir Putin. “There are strong indications that the Russian president has made the decision to provide the Buk Telar [missile system] to Donetsk, concluded the investigators. But “the evidence is, as it stands, not concrete enough to lead to new proceedings”.

little cooperative Russia

To go further, it would take full Russian cooperation, largely illusory today. Insiders should also be, that is to say witnesses from the interior of the Russian power or army, approach the investigators. “Our door remains their remains open,” said Digna Van Boetzelaer, who managed the prosecutors’ team in this case, adding, however, that “under the current Russian regime, they cannot speak freely and are exposed to security risks Major if they were to speak “to the joint investigation team, made up of representatives of the countries most affected by the attack, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine.

The investigators’ report also assures that the Donbass separatist chiefs were “in contact with Kremlin advisers and Russian intelligence services”, which Moscow has always denied. At the time, while the Ukrainian army added the air victories, the separatists claim a long -range missile and “their request was discussed at the presidential executive office in Moscow”, according to the investigators. “After that, a demand for a heavier air defense system is presented to the Minister of Defense and the President” Putin. “The request is granted.”

The decision to provide military support, including weapons, returned to President Vladimir Putin alone, said the investigators’ report. As proof, the fact that the decision had been postponed for a week because, according to listening, the only one who could take it “was at this time at a summit in France”. Vladimir Putin participated in D-Day ceremonies in Normandy. But these “indications” remain insufficient to conduct a trial. And, anyway, Vladimir Putin enjoys the immunity of heads of state, as long as he is in power.

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