Violence at Stade de France: differences of views among rapporteurs

Two members of the independent UEFA panel, experts close to the body, have distanced themselves from one of the conclusions of the report on the fiasco of the Champions League final in Saint-Denis, 28 May 2022.

by Rémi Dupré

The leaders of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) made a round back on Monday, February 13, after the revelation by MO12345lemonde then The Guardian of the independent panel of the continental confederation on the overflows at the stadium of France, May 28, 2022, in the Champions League final between Liverpool and Real de Madrid.

If he apologized for the failures noted that day, in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), and announced that he had learned the lessons from this fiasco in Mondovision, the staff of UEFA has jumped on reading certain passages from the document, 151 pages, questioning it.

Composed of nine members (lawyers, academics and representatives of supporters of supporters) and chaired by the Portuguese deputy Tiago Brandao Rodrigues, said Panel concluded that UEFA, “as owner of the event, carries the primary responsibility of failures that almost led to the disaster “, his model” delegation and deference “for the organization of the match being” defective in that there was a lack of overall control or surveillance of the security and the security “.

“We think that multiple factors have led to this quasi-accident. We list eight in the report. If you read the summary, we clearly indicate that we see two main organizational failures that have led to these events: the UEFA model and the maintenance of order, develops Clifford Stott, professor of social psychology at the University of Keele and member of the panel of rapporteurs. We clearly show that the model of maintenance was defective and that The police plans and actions played a key role in what was wrong. However, his unilateral actions were the symptom of a failure of interoperability, of which UEFA was, in our view, the main official. “

” Not primary responsibility “

Now, this vision is not shared by all the rapporteurs. Two Lusitanian members of the Panel, experts in stadium management, have distanced themselves from this point. The objections of Daniel Ribeiro, ex-frame specialized in events at UEFA (2006-2016) and employees of the Portuguese Football Federation, and Luis Silva, head of the London company Blue Rock (Major provider of UEFA in the Champions 2021 League final, in Porto) and ex-UEFA-consulting during Euro 2012 in Ukraine and Poland, were recorded on the last page of the voluminous annex to the report.

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