David Malpass, president of World Bank, announces his next resignation

After four years at the head of the institution, this faithful of Donald Trump will leave his post before the end of his mandate, lasting five years.


The president of the World Bank, David Malpass, will resign, by June 30, from his post at the head of the development institution, the organization said in a press release, published Wednesday, February 15 . The reason for his departure has not been specified for the time being.

66 years old, David Malpass, thirteenth president of the Washington institution, informed the council of directors of his intention to leave this post he held for four years on Wednesday, we can read in the press release .

The World Bank group “is fundamentally solid, financially viable and well placed to increase its impact on development in the face of urgent global crises,” said Malpass, quoted in the press release, seeing “an opportunity for a transition steering gently “. “While I am continuing new challenges, I would like to thank all our staff and our boards of directors,” said the American in a note sent to the World Bank teams, and that the France-Presse agency (AFP ) was able to consult.

a faithful of Donald Trump

David Malpass has, during the four years of his mandate, “focused on the search for stronger policies to increase economic growth, reduce poverty, improve standard of living and reduce the burden of public debt “said the World Bank in its press release.

“In the past four years, the five institutions of the World Bank group (Bird, IDA, IFC, Miga and ICSI) reacted quickly to the world crises, mobilizing a record amount of $ 440 billion in response to the Pandemia From Covid-19, to the war in Ukraine, to the strong global economic slowdown, to the burden of unbearable debt, to climate change and the shortages of food, fertilizers and energy “, it is specified.

David Malpass was, before his arrival at the World Bank, under-secretary to the Treasury in charge of international affairs within the administration of the republican Donald Trump, of which he was a faithful.

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