Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz display found unit of Franco-German “locomotive”

The two leaders have affirmed in one voice the objective, dear to the French president, of a more “sovereign” Europe which would invest more in defense and in industry.


It was a question of ending months of disagreements and misunderstandings. Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz posted, Sunday, January 22, in Paris, the found unit of the Franco-German tandem. The French president assured that this “couple” would make “the choice of the future”, as he “knew how to do so at each turn of European construction”. “Germany and France, because they have cleared the path of reconciliation, must become a pioneers for the refoundation of our Europe,” he said in a speech readily lyrical to the Sorbonne. He described neighboring states as “two souls in the same chest”.

“The future, in the same way as the past, is based on the cooperation of our two countries (…) as a locomotive of a united Europe”, two countries capable of overcoming their “differences”, has abounded, for its Part, the German Chancellor, evoking a “fraternal couple”. He spun the metaphor for this “Franco-German engine”, which often “purrs gently”, which “does not work with flattery” but by the “firm will to always transform controversies” into “convergent action”.

In October 2022, this annual meeting had to be postponed due to dissensions on a series of key subjects, from energy to defense, which broke out in the wake of the war waged by Russia in Ukraine. A fragrance of misunderstanding floats between the two leaders since Olaf Scholz succeeded Angela Merkel, at the end of 2021, each embarking on initiatives taken by the other without prior consultation.

” Putin’s imperialism will not defeat “

The date of the reunion is very symbolic: sixty years, day for day, after the signing of the Treaty of the Elysée by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer, this “founding act” of “reconciliation” between two countries “which had been the fiercest enemy “but” decided to become the narrowest allies, “said Emmanuel Macron. Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron said in one voice the objective, dear to the French president, of a more “sovereign” Europe, which would invest more in defense and in industry.

The two leaders could discuss the opportunity to send heavy tanks to kyiv, when pressure grows on Berlin to deliver his Leopard tanks to the Ukrainian army. Olaf Scholz has confined himself to ensuring that France and Germany would continue “to provide Ukraine, as long as necessary, all the support it will need”. “The imperialism of Vladimir Putin will not defeat!”, He hammered. Like the deputy of the presidential party Benjamin Haddad, voices are raised in Paris so that France is “on the initiative” by sending a “limited number of Leclerc tanks to create a dynamic”.

France also warns against “deindustrialization” if the European Union does not retaliate energetically, by means of significant funding, at the massive US level of subsidies in terms of renewable energies, inflation reduction Act (IRA). The president therefore hopes to convince the chancellor. The latter, in his speech, said “Share [R]” with Emmanuel Macron the “objectives” aimed at “investing” necessary for the old continent to become “a world center for technologies of the future”, and the first ” Climately neutral “in the world.

The two neighbors must also try to agree on European reforms to stem the flight prices linked in particular to war in Ukraine, and highlight common innovation projects. A train ticket intended to promote the travel of young people between the two countries will also be launched.

After their speeches, the two leaders had to bring together a Council of Franco-German ministers at the Elysée. Parliamentary delegations from the two countries have also found themselves in Paris.

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