Pension reform: Emmanuel Macron again on street test

The first day of mobilization against the government reform project, on the call of all unions on Thursday, will act as “test” for the Head of State, who will be especially attentive to the form of protests and to the evolution of the movement.

by Matthieu Goar

Again, Emmanuel Macron will play part of his five -year term against the street. After the SNCF reform in 2018, clashes with the “yellow vests” in the fall of the same year, a first aborted pension reform because of the COVVI-19 in 2020, the Head of State goes again face a social front. And bet on the weakness of the unions and the weariness of the French so as not to derail his second mandate. Nine days after the presentation of the pension reform by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, the eight main employees of employees, all united, organize, Thursday, January 19, their first day of mobilization against the postponement of the legal age of departure to 64 years. Prudent but determined to bend the other, government and central are expectant.

During this vigil of arms, even the old truckers of politics refuse to predict the future. “Surveys are worse in 2010, analyzes Eric Woerth, Renaissance deputy for the Oise and former Minister of Labor, who had pushed the legal age at 62 that year. The oppositions are more poujadists, there has a decline in oneself of the French, of resignation, there are more international crises … In this context, difficult to know what it is going to get out of it, but it is important not to underestimate the balance of power that goes take place. The confrontation will be played in the street. “

Since the parliamentary chessboard seems to be a little cleared up with the agreement in principle of part of the deputies Les Républicains (LR), this first “test” day, according to the expression devoted taken up by the ministerial advisers, will determine the Following the showdown. An important date for Emmanuel Macron, who made this bill a marker of his reformism.

The head of state will not appear on the front line in the coming days, but he is determined to go to the end. He repeats his interlocutors that the pensions file was at the heart of his program and that he was therefore approved by the French during the presidential election. Even if he says he is aware of the concern of society, caused, according to him, by a loss of bearings after a global epidemic and by the war in Ukraine, he is convinced that this step is essential, both to balance The system but also to relaunch the country confronted with inflation.

a pedagogy effort

The head of state wants to register the reform in a longer time, that of the battle for the cohesion of the nation and the increase in the rate of activity of the French, citing the insurance reforms- unemployment, learning and training. And he already projects himself on those of the vocational high school or the university. While not believing in a total blocking of the country, Mr. Macron, who will be traveling Thursday in Barcelona, ​​will closely monitor the mood of the processions. And he continues to push his loved ones to do pedagogy.

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