Palmade affair: continuous fall

Pierre Palmade is 24 years old when, at the end of a night washed out in Saint-Tropez, Johnny Hallyday offers to take him, on a motorcycle, in his villa. It is 6 am. “And there I say to myself:” we are going to die “, because he drives, let’s say, of ethyl matter”, says the humorist at the microphone of “laughter and song” in 2020. “We will say:” Johnny is dead , he accompanied someone “, and my death will go completely unnoticed.” General marrade in the studio.

Pierre Palmade was not dead this February 10, on a departmental in Seine-et-Marne. But a 6 -year -old child is disfigured, a mother lost her baby and a 40 -year -old man is still in a coma. While 700 people are killed each year in road accidents linked to drug taking, this tragically banal drama has not gone unnoticed.

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